The Delivery Presents – A Show Where I Show Off My Improv Skills.

| April 2, 2012 | 1 Reply

What happens when the podcasting life hands you lemons? As I showed in Episode 140, you go to your live chatroom audience and make a delicious Delivery drink! As you’ll hear, there was a bit of a scheduling snafu that caused me to quickly improvise the entire second half. Luckily, the folks in the chatroom came through like gangbusters (and, surprisngly, didn’t bust my chops too badly!) and what could have been a disaster turned into one of the more enjoyable segments I’ve done on The Delivery!

Don’t be in a hurry to get to the second half, though. Teri Christoph, who you will know if you are a regular listener (and why aren’t you??), joined me for the first half to talk about her newest venture ShePAC and the “War on Women”. She and her cohorts have begun a brilliant work to push back against the talking point that conservatives hate women and progressives are their stalwart defenders by pointing out the noxious and vicious attacks on conservative women by giants of the Democratic Party. Their first exhibit is Bill Maher, who just dumped a million dollars into the President’s re-election coffers.

So take a listen, tell your friends, and sound off on iTunes (please!!).

The Delivery - Episode 140

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