Clearing the Browser Tabs – When Solyndra Panic Hit the White House

| April 2, 2012 | Reply

When you hear the administration claim its massive and foolish expenditures on solar energy companies like Solyndra were based on science and not politics, know that it’s a bald-faced fable. This story of how the White House went on full panic alert as Solyndra dive headlong into bankruptcy is all politics. The administration knew it was going to take a well-deserved beating, so it brought its public relations machinery into play even before the news broke.

Now, that’s not unusual. Politicians play the public relations game like fish play the water-breathing game. What is unusual here is that the White House has steadfastly promised us that its “investments” in companies like Solyndra were not made because of who owned the companies nor how much the owners gave to the Obama campaign. The truth is, as we’ve learned, just the opposite. Not only did President Obama give away hundreds of millions of dollars to failed companies pushing immature technology for a problem that barely exists but he gave that money to companies owned by campaign bundlers and big donors. It’s hard to find a better definition of corruption than that.

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