The Delivery Presents – They've Painted the Brackets Red!

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Does it bother you when people treat you like you are a drooling idiot, like you are Tim Curry right before he jumps out the hotel window in The Shadow? If so, Episode 139 should get you good and riled up. See, the Obama administration believes it’s packed full of the biggest brains in the Democratic Party (and for all we know, it is) and the accumulated genius gives them the unquestionable right to run your life. In the first half, I’ll give you some True Tales of Democratic Genius and introduce you to the only federal budget anyone has proposed in a year.

If you’ve not gotten in on FTR Radio’s Marx Madness, then you’re missing out on a ton of fun. It’s probably not good business to tell you all to listen to another podcast, but you do need to tune in to The Snark Factor (either live at FTR Radio weeknights at 10 PM or via iTunes). What they’re doing is a ton of fun, and you can get a taste of it (along with a little scoop!) in my second half interview with Fingers Malloy. Fingers is also one of the most entertaining guys I know and the segment was a ton of fun.

The Delivery - Episode 139

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