Clearing the Browser Tabs – This is not about "The Hunger Games", per se.

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Thus far, I have not been sucked into the rapidly-growing cloud of The Hunger Games fans. From what I saw of the book not long after it was released, the author essentially did a young adult fiction mash-up of Stephen King’s “The Long Walk” and “The Running Man” and added a healthy dollop of Grrrl Powrrr. I’m sure it’s a good story and the movie looks like it might make for a pretty good action adventure flick in a time when such movies are thin on the ground, but I’ve too much on my plate now to pick it up. However, if you are a fan of the books and the newly-released movie, you might enjoy a few of these artsy little goodies.

In political news, President Obama has found a new and amazing way to dodge responsibility for his stupid progressive schemes. This one involves the use of the phrase “per se”, which is Latin for “everything I just said is pure weapons-grade horse doots but it sounds smart so you’ll buy it”. Conservatives on Twitter were not fooled, however, and hilarity ensued.

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