Joe Biden, the Sobering Reminder of Who Will Run Your Health Care

| March 20, 2012 | 4 Replies

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Joe Biden walks into a wealthy Wall Street donor’s fundraiser

…what? You mean you already know the punch line? Oh, you can’t. Yes, I know Biden is the John Henry of gaffes, so skilled and tireless in his ignorance that he could out-gaffe the finest gaffe-making machine ever crafted, but tonight he outdid himself. Really, you could not have predicted that Joe Biden would say something this bad.

Take a moment to absorb the full measure of nonsense that Biden packed into those two sentences. Not only did he lay waste to 500 years of military history and besmirch the deaths of quite literally hundreds of thousands of heroic soldiers, he shifted all the credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden to the man who stood to lose the least if the mission went wrong. Those who planned the mission could have lost their jobs, be blackballed for being part of a huge public failure. The soldiers who took part in the mission could have been killed. Barack Obama? He could have lost the election in November and gone back to his career as a lavishly-paid “community organizer” and author. Sure, there was risk, but “one term President millionaire” is several orders of magnitude better than “dead”. Biden’s statement, not the mission, was audacious, in that it was “recklessly bold” and “contemptuous of…decorum”.

I want to make a larger point here, though*. The Democratic Party, of which Joe “Audacious” Biden is second-in-command, builds all of its policies on a very basic premise: we Democrats in government should be in charge of everything because we are smarter than you. How confident do you feel in that foundation — and let me remind you that Obamacare rests entire on the idea that politicians and bureaucrats can handle all of your health care decisions better than you can — after Biden’s statement tonight?

How do you feel about it knowing that the President’s speeches come right out of My First Big Pop-Up Book of Urban Legends? If a President can’t hire speechwriters who spend more than five minutes Googling up an accurate quote, how much care will his underlings take to decide whether you should get an expensive medical procedure? How is your confidence in the Obamacare team knowing that the Secretary of Health and Human Services told children to stop bullies from calling kids jerks by — wait for it — calling them jerks. This is the same Kathleen Sibelius in whom Obamacare invests so much power that it mentions her title 2,500 times and says she “shall” or “may” take action 900 times, She’s going to make scores of decisions to decide what care you can get, in what amount you can get it, and from whom you can get it.

That’s the Triumverate of Genius in charge of your health care if Obamacare isn’t repealed and if Barack Obama wins another term in office. If that’s not incentive to toss out this gang of chuckleheads and repeal Obamacare so hard that the mere thought of government-run health care causes members of Congress to curl up in the fetal position then I don’t know what is.

*I know. I could have made the easier point that this line would already be the screaming headline in countless MSM outlets had a Republican said it. Dan Quayle was forever consigned to blithering idiot status by the national press for something far less. But, this is the MSM we have. Birds gotta fly; cats gotta sing; the MSM gotta be a bunch of biased twits.

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