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It is an act of rank journalistic malfeasance that most of America had not heard of Derrick Bell, the father of one of the most noxious racist philosophies ever created, before last week. I did the job in Episode 138 the MSM still refuses to do, but I did a bit more than that. Bell’s belief that America is irredeemably flawed and must be torn down and remade is the foundation of almost everything the Obama administration has done. It even explains why the President is hell-bent on high gas prices, even in an election year. The thing is, this isn’t magic. Any of the news networks could work this stuff out and put it in a 30 minute show. Any newspaper could write a mid-length article about it. They don’t because they want the same thing that Barack Obama and Derrick Bell want: a “fundamental change” of the America that is to Progressive American Paradise. This is war, and I’ll tell you the left-wing battle plan, in plan calm English. Take notes.

Most of you already know that I’ve signed on with Michelle Malkin’s newest project In the second half, I explain what it is, how I came to be involved in it, and why you should visit the site so often that all the site meters explode and the web masters run around tearing out their hair in apocalyptic despair. I also talk about one of my favorite subjects — social media — and add a codicil to my Two Rules of Social Media. You do remember the rules, right? Well, if you’ve forgotten, I’ll get you up to speed.

One last thing. Next week, I’ll have THE Fingers Malloy on the show. Fingers is a friend, a brilliant funny guy, and one of the best natural radio/podcast talents I’ve ever met. It’s going to be fun.

The Delivery - Episode 138

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