The Delivery Presents – Sluts, Shame, and Sharing

| March 8, 2012 | 1 Reply

If you don’t like it when I yell, you’ll probably want to skip past the first half of Episode 137. I waded into the Sandra Fluke Slutroversy and didn’t have a lot of fluffy-bunny-and-unicorns things to say about it. The entire controversy rests on a pile of falsehoods stacked up by Democrats who care a lot more about power than they do about women and the fecklessness of Republicans who curl up in the fetal position any time a Democrat glances at them in an aggressive fashion. In the middle is Rush Limbaugh, a man I respect greatly who has earned far more respect from conservatives than he’s gotten the past couple of weeks. As usual, I was — am — more disappointed by the ninnies on the right than I am the predictable dishonesty of the left.

In the second half, I talked about Andrew Breitbart and how he all but took conservative new media on his shoulders and carried up a great distance up the Mountain of Mainstream Respectability. I know it’d odd to see “respectability” in the same sentence as “Breitbart”, especially since he seemed to care so little about how the mainstream media, mainstream culture, or mainstream Republicans saw him, but it’s true. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of people in conservative new media today who would not be where they are if not for Andrew Breitbart’s ambition and generosity. Thanks to the work he did, and how he went about his work, we in new media have access to places and people we did not have before he hit the scene. For that, I can not thank him nearly enough.

The Delivery - Episode 137

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