The Left's Limbaugh Lie is No Fluke

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By now, you’ve probably heard of Sandra Fluke, the “coed” who testified before Congress last week about how she and her “coed” friends at Georgetown Law School can’t afford birth control. She claimed that 40 percent of women attending the tony college, some of whom have full-time jobs, could not afford birth control because it costs $1,000 a year. The Democrats and their MSM lickspittles took Fluke’s comments at face value then ran with them to the conclusion that EEEEEEEEEEVIL Republicans want to take birth control away from every woman in America.

  1. Sandra Fluke isn’t a young coed. She’s a 30 year-old professional “reproductive rights” activist who targeted Georgetown University, a Catholic school, specifically because of its faith-based policy.
  2. Fluke’s numbers are ridiculous. She claimed that birth control costs students $1,000 a year for three years. That is flat-out nuts. Any Georgetown student can get very inexpensive, or even free, birth control close to campus. In other places, birth control is so easy to find that you can literally fill your pockets with free condoms in a couple hours. The notion that birth control is widely unavailable and/or prohibitively expensive is a lie.
  3. No one — no one — in the Republican Party is trying to take birth control away from women. Georgetown Law School has not stopped any student, male or female, from buying whatever contraceptive they desire. The school does not generally provide contraceptives on its health care plans because — and pay attention here, because this is crucial — to do so would violate its religious beliefs.

I’ll get back to the crucial point in a moment. First, I want to comment on Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” comment, because it bears directly on that crucial point. The MSM and their friends on the left have claimed, very loudly, that Limbaugh called Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” on his show this week. As such, they have bent the discussion from whether the government has the power to force you to violate your religious beliefs to whether Rush Limbaugh is a big meany-head. Their disingenuous reports have, as planned, caused many people on the right who should know better to attack Limbaugh as a loose cannon and a detriment to conservatism.

To those on the right who swallowed the progressive load of crap they were given by the MSM, I say shame on you. How many times to you have to be fooled badly before you learn never to accept what the left says about one of us? Here is what Rush said, from his own transcript, posted on February 29th.

What does it say about the college co-ed Sandra Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex, what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We’re the pimps. (interruption) The johns? We would be the johns? No! We’re not the johns. (interruption) Yeah, that’s right. Pimp’s not the right word. Okay, so she’s not a slut. She’s “round heeled.” I take it back.

What, exactly, is objectionable about that? Sandra Fluke did demand from a Congressional committee that you and I pay her and her fellow “coeds” $1,000 a year so they can have as much sex as they please. What else would you call a woman who makes such a demand? Note also that Rush corrected himself just seconds later to make his answer more accurate. Fluke’s statement doesn’t make her a slut but a prostitute, which is exactly how she portrayed herself before Congress. She wants our money to have sex. She sold her dignity and integrity to the progressive movement in order to take your freedom of choice and conscience away from you. What Rush said was certainly brash and indelicate, but since when it is wrong for a broadcaster to be brash and indelicate? He didn’t call her a “mashed up bag of meat with lipstick” nor did he use the word “slut” as a direct insult. He has apologized for his use of the word, which is more than any progressive has ever done, but he needn’t have done so. He did nothing wrong except to expose yet another progressive attempt to lie their way into more power.

That, folks, is what this whole contraceptive debate is about. It has nothing to do with health care or women or poverty. Those making hay out of the word “slut” couldn’t care less about Rush Limbaugh or Sandra Fluke or civility or health. They care about control. Sandra Fluke, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and the rest of those shrieking about Rush Limbaugh today believe they are smarter and better than you. They believe they are more fit than you to make essential decisions about your life and your livelihood. They believe they have not only the right but the duty to decide where you spend your money, what health care you receive, what you eat and drink, and what car you drive (or even whether you drive one at all). Most importantly, they believe they have the power to decide what religious beliefs you may exercise, publicly and in private. They believe with all their hearts that their faith in the government is more important and should have greater power than your faith in God, Allah, Buddah, or no supreme being at all. To get the power they crave, they have turned law-abiding American citizens into enemies: “the rich”, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch Brothers, the Catholic Church, you. They are the tyrants about whom the Founders warned us; the people whose totalitarian dreams they preemptively crushed with the First Amendment.

The only way the progressive left can take control of our lives is if we let them. They can bluster and pose all they want about Rush Limbaugh, but they have no power unless we give it to them. You wouldn’t normally cede that much control to them because you are a reasonable, rational, and free human being, so they have to trick you into it. That is why they had to build such a ridiculous lie about the cost of birth control and why they lied about what Rush Limbaugh said and why they magnified both lies to the level of Great National Crisis.

They should pay for their dishonesty with their jobs.

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