Will President Obama Force Us to Swallow the Totalitarian Pill?

| February 15, 2012 | Reply

Put me in the same camp as Stacy McCain.

Some readers may wonder why I haven’t published anything about the battle over mandatory contraceptive coverage under ObamaCare. Basically, it’s because every time I try to do it, I tend to write a couple of thousand words before discarding the draft.

How in the world can I describe just how disgusted I am that our President believes he has the power to force you to engage in any activity simply because he believes it is good to you to do so? Let’s not be coy here. Today, the President intends to force Catholics to provide abortion and contraceptive services in direct opposition to their beliefs. Soon, you will have to buy a health insurance policy approved by his minions, or face the full coercive power of the government. The day after that…what?

Let’s also not be coy about why the President decided to take a Cloverfield Monster-sized dump on the First Amendment this week. He believes he has the power to push his ideology down your throat and if you object, you are not protecting your innate rights as a free citizen of the United States but a “cynical” foe of “women’s health”. If this isn’t totalitarianism — your life lived in accordance to the government’s whims — then I don’t know what is.

And while we’re not being coy, let’s also get a clear vision of the President’s “accommodation” (which, incidentally, will raise the cost of health insurance for everyone, so add that to the rapidly rising cost of Obamacare we’ll have to pay when all the taxes, fees, rate increases, and rationing hits us over the next couple of years). He replaced his mailed fist with a velvet glove not because he had some sudden moment of Constitutional clarity but because one of his political allies who, above all else wanted to preserve “health reform”, suggested that his clumsy exercise of raw power was politically idiotic. This new rule put all of his political allies behind a very large, angry 8-Ball and he was too blinkered by his progressive ideology to see it. So he changed, again not because he understood that he was blowing a three-foot hole in the Constitution but because he risked destroying health reform, which has been the progressive Holy Grail since before the time of FDR. In the end, his “accommodation” didn’t solve the problem, but set it back just long enough for him to mollify those in his camp who call themselves Catholics.

The problems still remain. America is, despite the President’s efforts to make it otherwise, a free country. We still have certain inalienable rights that belong only to us. Our government is only useful to us so long as it acts as the guarantor or those rights. The moment the government acts as if it has the power to grant those rights to us, it becomes our enemy. Right now, Barack Obama is acting like our enemy and we would do well to remember that in November.


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