Another Week, Another GOP-Engineered Debate Debacle

| January 9, 2012 | 1 Reply

Mark Steyn has sung the song in my own heart.

With respect to Hugh and Marc, after almost every one of these debates we at NR and elsewhere say “ABC lost. Big time.” and “Big loser: ABC News” – or CNN or MSNBC or whoever it is. And then ten days later (or, in this case, the following morning) there they all are again acquiescing in some condescending media bigfoot’s wish to spend 20 minutes discussing whether the Supreme Court has a right to ban diaphragms for transgendered adoptees or whatever hallucinogenic George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer were chugging down in the green room last night.

This country is broke, and the unprecedented scale of its brokeness is an existential threat. Yet, with the exception of Newt’s occasional flashes of contempt for the questioners, everyone else plays along with this absurd game. It’s not merely that the GOP is letting the left frame the contest but that a party willing to dignify this pitiful charade is sending a broader message about the likelihood of its mustering the determination to stand up to a Democrat-media establishment once in office and effect meaningful course correction.

You should click over there and read Steyn’s remedy to the latest episode of unbridled MSM bias in this past Saturday’s debate.

But we shouldn’t be too hard on the MSM — that is Newt Gingrich’s job. They are who they are. If you expect Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos not to use every means fair or foul to trip up a GOP Presidential candidate, you are a fool. As I have said, almost to the point of exhaustion, the Republican Party has earned all the blame in this election season. If we read a story today that a lion ate several people who had been shoved into its cage by a deranged lunatic, we wouldn’t blame the lion. Well, the GOP has played the role of the deranged lunatic. Fortunately, a couple of the candidates managed to sneak some weaponry in with them to fight back against the lapdog media, but they should never have had to fight in the first place.

There is no shortage of intelligent, informed, and media-savvy right wing people who could have moderated a dozen Presidential debates.I guarantee you the candidates would have gotten real questions about Operation Fast and Furious, the housing debacle, Solyndra, the coming entitlement disaster and not about contraception or Coke vs Pepsi.  They surely wouldn’t have gotten misinformed lectures about illegal combatants or setups about gay marriage (by the way, the most “extreme” GOP candidate has exactly the same position on gay marriage as President Barack Obama and both Democratic Congressional leaders).

Why the GOP has agreed to subject their candidates to the best attacks the Democratic message machine can craft is entirely beyond me. Why we on the right have allowed the GOP to continue in its folly without serious pushback mystifies me as well.

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