The Delivery Presents – A Very Weasely Christmas!

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I have resisted the urge to turn all of December’s shows into Odes to the Christmas Season but Episode 125 did involve a small crumbling of my resolve. I love this time of year and I freely admit that all of the seasonal sentimentality bypasses my decades of accumulated cynicism and washes over my inner ten year-old boy.

So, I sang a Christmas song, which was a more difficult undertaking than you might expect. Sure, there is plenty of Christmas music out there, but how much of it is actually written for a bass, beyond “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” (which, along with “Ol’ Man River” is one of the greatest bass melodies ever written)? Thankfully, Andy Williams was there with a tune that was just baritone enough to work. I hope you enjoy it, because I enjoyed recording it. There might be another song next week, but no promises!

The fact that the House Republicans passed an extension of the payroll tax “holiday” has driven certain members of the left completely insane, most notably Senators Boxer and Reid. We are well into the deep waters of goofiness, where Democrats claim credit for “forcing” Republicans to keep a tax cut in place and a pipeline that will provide cheap oil from a friendly country and thousands of new jobs becomes a political football. It is weasel season, the ground is thick with them, and I’ll show a couple of them to you in the first half.

If you’re intrigued by my book review in the second half, the link to Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines is right here. As with every Amazon link on my site, I’ll get a piece of the purchase price, so if you do choose to buy the book, well, you’ll just be helping me out a little bit, too! That aside, I do recommend this book highly, especially if you like superhero or zombie stories.

The Delivery - Episode 125

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