A Horrible Day in the Blogosphere

| November 28, 2011 | Reply

I’ve been around the blogosphere for coming up on eight years and I’ve gotten to know quite a few people in that time. One of the first people with whom I corresponded was James Joyner, who runs the Outside the Beltway blog. He is, like me, one of the old-timers — OtB started a bit more than a year before I started The Shack — and has given me some good advice and a few much-needed links when they were very hard to come by back in the day. I finally met him at CPAC three years ago and each year we renew our acquaintance. I do not know him well but I know that he is a hard-working and skilled writer and editor and a good man besides.

Yesterday morning, James’ wife Kimberly passed away in her sleep, from unknown causes. She was 41 years old. She was the mother of two lovely little girls (one 3 years old and the other 5 months old) and the darling of James’ heart. Please, when you say your prayers today, and for many days to come, remember James and his two little girls. I can not even begin to imagine how heavy the load on him must be right now but your prayers and good wishes would certainly be most welcome.

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