Why You Should Not Bring Rookies to an Activist Fight

| November 12, 2011 | 2 Replies

We knew they were coming; they told us when they planned to arrive. The bloggers and activists at Blog Con 2011, they said, were tools of the Koch Brothers. Apparently, they labored under the delusion that the conservative philanthropists slash Satan’s Earthly henchbeings poured limitless buckets of money into FreedomWorks, the sponsor of the convention. They meant to show us that they had lungs and clever slogans and were not afraid to use them to speak truth to power against imaginary bogeymen.

Unfortunately, they forgot one important rule of political activism: if you’re going to wage a propaganda war, you should make very sure you’re not outnumbered and vastly outgunned. I can not even begin to understand why the leaders of Occupy Denver thought they could score a public relations coup with a loud protest at a gathering of over 300 new media people, all of whom packed cameras and laptops, but that’s what happened.

It did not go well for them.

Ace and Moe Lane caught the action live, as the smallish Occupy Denver met a much larger band of bloggers with a few clever chants of their own. Chants met chants and, as often happens when progressive realize they have no way to win the debate, they got physical.

When the fracas was over, Occupy Denver was short one member, thanks to the stellar work of the Denver Police Department. A few Blog Con folks got shoved around during the initial hippie-rush, but no one was injured. Thankfully.

This may be the best-documented Occupy Whatever protest of the year. You can see all manner of excellent video and audio thanks to these citizen journalists:

Stacy and Duane weren’t in Denver, but their posts are great examples of how you can jump on a breaking story and aggregate the best accounts even if you’re not there.

I do want to give great praise to the staff of the Crowne Plaza Downtown Denver, who handled things very well even though there was no way they could have been prepared for the onslaught. They looked to our safety well, and went way out of their way to make us welcome here. Props also to the officers of the Denver PD, who would much rather have been handling actual crimes rather than babysit a bunch of progressive malcontents.

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