The Delivery Presents – So, You Want to Be A Star?

| November 7, 2011 | Reply

What can I say about Episode 119 but that the world is flat-out nuts and I’m glad for it because if it was sane, I wouldn’t have a show. A couple in Hawaii lost their child for a night over a chicken salad sandwich and some well-regarded MSM reporter drooled lustily all over Barack Obama (thankfully, not in person). The latter isn’t quite as rare an event as you might imagine, if you still believe the media consider themselves in an adversarial relationship with the government. Fortunately, I am here to speak truth to power, or whatever hip revolutionaries do these days.

I did run one of the first half topics into the second half. That Barack Obama column was just that funny.

Oh, I also spent a Saturday playing Social Media Guru and has a really good time while doing it. You know, I could get used to doing something a lot like that for a living. Do you hear that, organizations that need a savvy and enthusiastic social media guy? That took up the rest of the second half, along with a few thoughts about being a star. That’s where the football came into the conversation, but don’t despair if you don’t like sports. You will, I think, like what I had to say.

The Delivery - Episode 119

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