Clearing the Browser Tabs – Government Opacity Alert Monday Edition

| November 7, 2011 | Reply

We’ve found more guns “walked” by the administration as part of Operation Fast and Furious (via memeorandum). Police seized two of over 2,000 missing weapons from a couple members of the Sinaloa cartel right here in the United States. By anyone’s best estimate, we’re still missing about 1,500 guns. That number would be a lot more certain if the Obama administration would come clean on how many guns they gave to the drug cartels.

While I’m on the whole “coming clean” subject, the administration last week refused to honor a Congressional subpoena for documents related to SolyndraScam. The White House said the subpoena was “unprecedented and unnecessary” and questioned the committee’s sincerity to get to the bottom of the scandal (both links via memeorandum). Perhaps the President doesn’t want Congress to know how much they knew about the lavish bonuses given to Solyndra executives even as the company was headed down the drain along with over $500 million dollars of our money. Folks, I’ve seen government transparency. This isn’t it.

But let me go back to Fast and Furious for a moment. The MSM has done quite a lot to try to bury the story under a mount of misinformation. Take this headline from a CNN story as an example: “‘Fast and Furious’ flap likely to linger”. You can use a lot of words to describe an operation that sent some 2,000 guns out of the sight of law enforcement officials, but “flap” isn’t one of them. This is either lazy or deceptive reporting. I can’t tell you which is the case but I know we shouldn’t condone it.

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