When the Inevitable Romney Attack Comes, Here's Something to Remember

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I figure it’s only a matter of time before the Democrats figure out that they can whip the wretched hive of slack and mopery that is Occupy Whatever into a frenzy over the “Wall Street” Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Romney, as you may know, founded Bain Capital, a company that made a reputation for buying up financially troubled companies, stripping away the dead weight, laying off excess workers, and making the companies profitable. In other words, he’s one of those “banksters” the Occupy Whatever folks hate with a blazing white, union-stoked passion. It is a mortal lock that the Democrats will attack him for his ties to the company and the campaign donations he receives from his old associates.

When that attack comes, and so long as Romney is a threat to President Obama’s re-election efforts it will, we should remember this story.

Despite frosty relations with the titans of Wall Street, President Obama has still managed to raise far more money this year from the financial and banking sector than Mitt Romney or any other Republican presidential candidate, according to new fundraising data.

Obama’s fundraising advantage is clear in the case of Bain Capital, the Boston-based private-equity firm that was co-founded by Romney, and where the Republican made his fortune. Not surprisingly, Romney has strong support at the firm, raking in $34,000 from 18 Bain employees, according to the analysis of data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

But Obama has outdone Romney on his own turf, collecting $76,600 from Bain Capital employees through September — and he needed only three donors to do it.

I can’t imagine how the Democrats are going to gin up anger at the Evil Republican Bankster Romney when the Innocent Lamb of a Peoples’ President Barack Obama took more than twice the cash from a sixth as many employees. What do you want to bet that the donations to Romney are from folks farther down the organizational chart and Obama’s three donors are very close to the top. Then again, the President and the Democrats are quite adept at raking in the cash from the wealthy.

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