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| October 18, 2011 | 1 Reply

Once in a while, I get the urge (and the abundance of subject matter) to do an extra podcast during the week. I haven’t done one of these bonus Friday shows for a couple or three months and it was just time. Episode 116 is a rule-breaker, in that the show is all politics, but that’s how crazy-loose the Friday shows are!

One of the big reasons I wanted to do an extra show was to clear the air about all the Herman Cain 9-9-9 stuff I’ve seen in the media and online. I freely admit that Cain’s tax reform plan needs some tweaking, and no one should expect it to stand alone from a sensible and enforceable spending plan, but it’s a good sight better than the big pile of nothing proposed by most of the other candidates. So I explain what I see good about 9-9-9 and how I believe we can repair what I don’t think will work about it and match it up to a couple of the other plans that are out there right now. Look, constructive criticism in an election is possible!

In the second half I share all I know about our brand new war in Uganda, which isn’t very much. Then again, I don’t think anyone really knows why the President dropped our soldiers in the middle of a fight with orders to shoot only in self-defense, which is a considerable problem for all of us.

Do not forget there is a show tonight, live and in living awesome, at 9:30 PM ET! I’ll have special need of the Deliverati this evening, as SMPMike and I may want to make a change or two to the show and I want to get your opinions so we can make the changes that make the most sense to you out there in Wonderful Listener Land.

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