Here Comes President Huckster and His Magic Obama Jobs Machine

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The President is headed back out onto the campaign trail in his peddler’s wagon full of tonics and unguents to cure America’s every ill. His newest product is a Magical Obama Jobs Machine that sucks money out of our pockets and the pockets of our children at one end and produces shiny new teachers, police officers, and firefighters out of the other.

President Obama is returning to the road this week to press Congress to start passing the American Jobs Act, beginning with $35 billion for states to put teachers and first-responders to work.

But White House officials said Sunday that Obama will not be sending a separate piece of legislation to Congress, referring questions about the process to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

Of course, our Huckster-in-Chief won’t give us any details about how his Magical Machine will operate or how we can get one of our very own. No siree! All those bothersome technical details are the responsibility of that fine Boehner man way up there in Washington, Dee Cee. And if he can’t get the machine running right now, why I guess he wants our kids to be ignorant and maybe even get murdered or raped.

It’s a beautiful multi-level scam he’s running on us and he’s run it before. Here’s how it works. The federal government doesn’t actually hire teachers and first responders. It sends money from Washington to the state and local governments that do hire them in the form of temporary grants. So, your county gets its federal grant, hires a bunch of police officers and teachers, keep them on staff for a couple years, and then…

…well that’s when the problems arrive. What happens to those teachers and first responders when the money runs out? In most cases, the grant requires that local governments keep the people hired under the grant on for at least a year after it expires, which means that your county now has to absorb the cost of employees it couldn’t afford in the first place. This is happening right now, all over the country, thanks to the Democrats’ Vote Buying Act Stimulus Bill. This is why the President wants to add another $35 billion to the national debt we already can’t pay. Those jobs he “saved or created” with his first Magic Obama Jobs Machine are about to evaporate unless we revitalize them with his second Magic Obama Jobs Machine and it’s hard to argue against teachers and cops on the street.

That’s the first level of the con. The second level involves the route that money takes and who benefits from it. That $35 billion won’t all go to pay for teachers and first responders. A healthy chunk of it will go to pay for federal bureaucrats to administer the programs, thus growing the government even larger. But that’s not all. A percentage of every paycheck those employees make will go to public sector unions who will either stuff their own considerably-large pockets with cash or send that money into the campaign coffers of Democratic politicians like Barack Obama. So the President will make money directly from his Magic Obama Job Machine.

We’re not done, though! There is one last part of the con and this one is, to my thinking, the worst of all. The Magic Obama Jobs Machine cripples the ability of state and local governments to pay for themselves. Consider that there is a percentage of taxation that we consider too high and that we aren’t very far from that point, when you add in all the various taxes and fees we have to pay at all levels of government. The more of that percentage the federal government takes, the less room there is for state and local governments to adjust their tax rates to bring in more revenue. The President has already raised taxes several times and he wants to raise them even more. His jobs bill will almost certainly require that we crank up taxes somewhere to cover at least part of the cost. Washington will crowd the states out even more, big government will be even more firmly entrenched, and we’ll get into the habit of believing that Washington is responsible for our teachers and police officers.

It is a mighty scam, but not one piece of it will work so long as we say no. We don’t have to accept the Magic Obama Jobs Machine. We can turn him and his slick-talking, snake oil-selling ways away. We can demand that he bring us honest deals with honest numbers. We have the antidote to his snake-oil and it’s a dose of good, strong Grassroots Tea.



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