R.I.P. Steve Jobs — Visionary, Genius, Maker of Lovely Things that Work Well

| October 5, 2011 | 2 Replies

This is big news that just came across my Twitter feed. He was 56 years old.

BREAKING: Apple says Steve Jobs has died.Wed Oct 05 23:36:26 via CoTweet

He had been battling pancreatic cancer for several months at least and was not doing well when he stepped down as CEO of Apple. Yesterday’s big announcement at Apple HQ was the first time in a long time the company had one that didn’t feature Jobs.

I can’t think of anyone in the world of business, with the possible exception of Bill Gates, who was more revolutionary or more controversial. He was a man of exceptional vision, a brilliant marketer, and one of the shrewdest business minds the world has ever seen. His legacy will live for decades, if not longer, as it should.

It would be a very good thing is we saw more detailed stories about his life and work over the next few weeks. For example, did you know that Jobs was adopted, that he also founded Pixar Animation Studios, or that his salary at Apple was $1 last year and has been that way since 1998? We need more of his kind these days.

Take a few minutes and listen to the commencement speech he gave at Stanford University in 2005. I think every entrepreneur should keep this speech bookmarked for the times when quitting seems like a pretty good option.

Here, by the way, is the back cover of the October 1974 Whole Earth Catalog (this edition actually called the Whole Earth Epilog) that Jobs mentioned in that speech.

UPDATE: This is a marvelous post by Michelle Malkin on Steve Jobs and the “spontaneous order of capitalism”.

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