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I’m not quite sure how I stumbled onto the theme of stupidity in Episode 113. Perhaps I’ve just gotten tired of the way that the mass media, and that does include the bulk of our national politicians, treat us as if we will accept what they say without question. Worse, they treat us as it we do not deserve their very best effort.

The theme is obvious in the first half, mostly because I very nearly yelled it a couple of times. It is not so obvious in the second half, but it’s there if you look closely.

Actually, the second half of this show is one of the more enjoyable segments I’ve done. I had only intended to spend a few minutes talking about “The Matrix Reloaded”. Instead, I basically outlined a brand-new movie with a compelling villain, a protagonist who has some room for growth, and real conflict between the two. The theme of stupidity comes into play when you consider that all those elements exist in the movie as it is, but the Wachowski Brothers made a conscious decision to feed us a cardboard villain, an indecipherable hero, and a series of set pieces toward what was an almost inevitable conclusion wrapped up in what I greely admit was gorgeous packaging. We could have have a much better movie, and I don’t doubt the brothers could have delivered that, but they didn’t. At some level, probably one they don’t even know exists, they decided we weren’t worth their very best movie.

That happens far too often, in entertainment and politics, and I don’t like it one bit.

The Delivery - Episode 113

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