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| October 3, 2011 | 4 Replies

I was reading Stacy McCain’s blog today and came across something very useful to me that I believe will be useful to you as well. He is suffering from a malady that strikes every blogger at some point in their writing career — chopped liver syndrome — but it’s hitting him particularly hard today and, in a search for inspiration and a certain renewal of spirit, he linked to a piece he wrote a couple of years ago about football. Except the piece really isn’t about football. It’s about fatherhood, determination, and (in a way) a line I’ve never forgotten from a Dr. Seuss book.

His conclusion has lit a bit of a fire in my belly.

Success in any endeavor starts with the resolute determination to succeed. No matter how formidable the competition, hold your head up high. They’re no better than you, and victory begins with the decision to rule out the possibility of defeat. “Can’t never could.”

That attitude took my father from a farm in Alabama to a brick home in the suburbs of Atlanta. It took me from Georgia to Washington, where now I find myself in daily competition no less formidable than those big boys from Bessemer, even if the sport is a bit more refined. Really, though, it’s still the same game, and the formula for winning has never changed.

I’m going to beat you today.

Count on it, buddy. I didn’t come this far to start losing now.

See, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed myself lately. I’m still fairly new to the world of self-promotion and discouragement comes far more easily than I’d like. But Stacy’s article set me straight. It might just do the same thing for you, if you’ve been feeling a bit down on your condition lately. Do read the whole thing, then go on over and Stacy’s delicious smackdown of a smug has-been whose claim to relevant political expertise expired a decade ago.

Hey, I’m no Instapundit, but I can throw a few hits myself. See, I didn’t come this far…


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