"Knock Knock." "Who's There?" "Anwar al-Awlaki." "Anwar al-Awlaki Wh—BOOM!!"

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Today, the administration announced that we put a missile in the face of al-Qaeda’s leading recruiter in the West, Anwar al-Awkali. If you’ve heard Awlaki’s name, it’s likely because he’s been tied to some of the most prominent Islamist attacks on our country in the past couple of years: the Times Square bombing attempt, the mass-shooting as Fort Hood, the Christmas Day “underwear bomber”, and the death threats that drove an innocent woman in Seattle to change her name and go into hiding,

Awlaki is an American citizen, but he’s been in hiding in Yemen for quite a while, which has posed a bit of an ethical problem for our elected officials. On the one hand, he is our enemy, sworn to the destruction of our nation and as many dead Americans as possible. On the other hand, he’s an American citizen, which does provide him with Constitutional protections. On the gripping hand, he wasn’t actually in America and was working on what most reasonable people would consider a “hot battlefield”, in that his full-time job involved battle-planning for al-Qaeda against the United States.

What to do? What to do?

The administration made the right choice and I’ll even grant him a victory lap, though I really do want to see the head of a prominent al-Qaeda leader on a pike outside the White House at some point. Sure, it would have been nice if we had gotten a side of Drone Roasted Islamist on the side with our 9/11 ceremonies, but I’ll take it. Anwar al-Awlaki is no more and that’s a good thing for the good guys. We are still in the middle of a war, even though it’s become convenient for many of our politicians to have us believe otherwise. Every enemy we will is one more soldier who will not kill us at some point in the future.

The drone strike also reportedly killed another American traitor named Samir Khan. Khan operated a popular message board, from which he launched his own messages of hate for the United States and Americans who drew attention to the Islamist threat. Notably, he threatened the family of blogger Rusty Shackleford and spread Awlaki’s message to willing jihadists here in America. I will not mourn his death.

Let me also toss in a side-thought here. I wonder how the President’s bland and unexceptional message of service would have changed if he had announced such a big victory in our War Against Islamist Head-Choppers? I can’t imagine that “Today we scored a major victory in the War on Man-Caused Disasters. Oh, and be sure to volunteer for a local soup-kitchen, because that’s just as good as killing terrorists” would have worked for anyone. That’s not to say he wouldn’t haveĀ tried — his public performances lately have been horrible, mostly because he lacks the ability to see himself as anything but the embodiment of awesome — but it would not have worked. Which message would he have chosen? I honestly don’t know.



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