Clearing the Browser Tabs – The Cain Train Goes Hollywood Saturday Edition

| October 1, 2011 | Reply

Herman Cain appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night and had one of the most impressive performances I’ve seen in a candidate since Bill Clinton honked out God Bless the Child on the Arsenio Hall show or Fred Thompson announced his candidacy on Leno’s show. I say that not because I’ve been one of Cain’s most ardent fans even before he announced his candidacy, but because he really did light up the crowd. The Right Scoop has the full video of his segment or you can just watch a couple of the segments at NBC’s site (the latter two videos auto-start with an annoying commercial, so be warned).

Jay Cost wrote an interesting piece for the Weekly Standard in which he called Herman Cain a “game changer”. I don’t think most folks who follow politics for a living understand just what a strong Cain candidacy really can accomplish. Though I despise racial politics, it’s clear that a strong black candidate who gives voice to conservative and traditional principles is a powerful antidote to Barack Obama’s airy hopenchangitude or the throbbing-vein anger of grievance mongers like Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton.  Likewise, his optimistic vision for the country is entirely different from the backbiting attacks the rest of the GOP field have launched at each other. As I wrote on Twitter a few days ago, he is the only candidate who has consistently (and, I would argue, effectively) attacked President Obama’s policies while offering an easily-understood but detailed plan of his own.

Even if Cain doesn’t win the nomination, he has shown the eventual nominee how to grab America’s attention and imagination.

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