Last Night, the President Blew a Gasket. It's Time for Him to Go.

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I believe the President of the United States has blown a gasket. He has gone ’round the bend. He has become unhinged. I don’t know whether the pressure of three years on a job for which he was never suited and to which he’s never shown the first glimmer of aptitude has gotten to him, but he’s gone. I have no other explanation for the dishonest and noxious attack he launched at a nearly $36,000 a plate fundraiser in California last night.

I don’t like to use the word “lie” much when I write about politics, because the word has been so poorly-used by the left over the past eight years. In this case, however, I believe it is entirely warranted. Barack Obama said something he knew was not true. He did it intentionally and for his own personal political gain. What’s worse is that his lies were clumsy and delivered with all the political skill of a six-year old child explaining to his Mom that an invisible monster broke into the kitchen and stole the cookies from the jar.

Here are some of the remarks from our unhinged, lying President as reported by Todd Starnes, anchor and reporter for Fox News Radio last night on Twitter.


POTUS on Rick Perry: “You’ve got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change.”Mon Sep 26 02:56:10 via TweetDeck



POTUS on GOP: “You’ve got audiences cheering at the prospect of somebody dying because they don’t have health care.”Mon Sep 26 02:56:39 via TweetDeck



POTUS on GOP: “You’ve got audiences…booing a service member in Iraq because they’re gay.”Mon Sep 26 02:57:28 via TweetDeck


The President said “It’s true” but very little of what he said is the truth. “Audiences” did not boo a gay soldier. In fact, not even one audience did. As reported by Sarah Rumpf, who was at the debate and saw the incident, that it was a small group of people who booed and they were immediately shushed by others around them. Rick Santorum, who was on the stage, didn’t hear the booing and Megyn Kelly, who was in the hall and not in the media room from which this story was initially reported, said the boos came only from a few people as well. According to the Miami Herald, and other media reports of the debate, there were 5500 people in that hall. Even if as many as ten people booed that soldier, they would have been a very small percentage and not representative of everyone there.

No audience booed that soldier. Barack Obama lied.

The contention that “audiences” cheered “the prospect of someone dying” is also flatly untrue. As ABC News reported, what the audience clearly cheered was Ron Paul’s message of economic freedom and self-reliance.

“What he should do is whatever he wants to do and assume responsibility for himself,” Paul responded, adding, “That’s what freedom is all about, taking your own risk. This whole idea that you have to compare and take care of everybody…”

The audience erupted into cheers, cutting off the Congressman’s sentence.

After a pause, Blitzer followed up by asking “Congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die?” to which a small number of audience members shouted “Yeah!”

So, Paul delivers his line about taking your own risk, the audience applauds, and he has to stop talking. It they had truly cheered “the prospect of someone dying”, they would have cheered after the question, don’t you think? But, we can’t avoid the “small number” of Paul acolytes who were okay with the hypothetical patient’s death. As with the last story, even if there had been ten of them (and there weren’t), they would have been a small percentage of the larger crowd. Still, those shouts of “yeah” didn’t get cheers either. In fact, the Yahoo News account of the debate noted that the audience — not the “several” who shouted “yeah” but the other thousands who were there — burst into “wide…applause” when Paul refuted the outburst and said that when he graduated medical school, that hypothetical patient would have gotten help with his expenses from local churches.

In other words, the audience cheered for that hypothetical patient’s life, not his death. Barack Obama lied.

As for the comments about Texas, where wildfires have burned thousands out of their homes and killed many, I honestly don’t know what to say. I can not even begin to describe my disgust for any human being who would use a disaster of that magnitude — a disaster the administration largely ignored for months, by the way — to push debatable scientific theories for cheap politics. The chief cause of the historic drought in Texas has been La Niña weather patterns in the tropical Pacific Ocean, not man-made global warming. The precipitation forecast is pretty dire for Texas well into next year, thanks to La Niña. This isn’t even controversial science, folks, and the President darned-well knows that. This was a cheap shot, not at the cravenly-unnamed Rick Perry but at the people of Texas who apparently got what they deserved for electing such a backwards villain as Governor.

We should not stand for this. The President needs to apologize, clearly and without hesitation. We, as citizens of a country that deserves far better than our crazed President, need to do everything in our power to deny him the victories he craves and strip him of his power on Election Day next year. His time is over. Last night, he proved himself unworthy to lead our noble nation.

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