Waste, Fraud, Abuse, Baseball, Obama, and Buffett.

| September 19, 2011 | Reply

There are a couple posts over at Ending Spending of which I’m particularly proud. I’d like it if you clicked over there and left a nice comment or two, if you’ve the mind to do so.

It’s easy to make light of “waste, fraud, and abuse” but when you look at how much money our government simply throws away or lets fall into the pockets of thieves, it adds up to…well…click the link and see what you could buy if you had that kind of money.

The President rolled out his “Buffet Tax” with the usual fusillade of class warfare, rank dishonesty, and hoary pseudo-socialist talking points. I debunked the plan this morning, before I even saw it, because I knew what would be in it. Yes, he’s become that predictable.

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