Clearing the Browser Tabs – Good Demagogue, Bad Governor Friday Edition

| September 16, 2011 | Reply

Another day, another way my elected officials in Maryland have found a way to embarrass those of us who live under their inept rule. Governor Martin O’Malley, flacking for the President, attacked Rick Perry with the sort of flailing elegance you might see from a drunken ogre who stumbled into a swarm of bees. First, he say that Perry “seceded” from the National Governor’s Association, highlighting an issue that absolutely no one but Martin O’Malley cares about and that only because he gets to use the word “secede”. See, Democrats got all het up about some statements Perry made last year about Texan secession from the union. That was, of course, utter bunk, but like so many things progressive believes, the truth has not stopped them from using it as an underhanded attack on Perry.

Of course, O’Malley didn’t stop there. He is no mere Democratic flak. He has aspirations, and so he loaded up the rhetorical cannon with the old reliable “racist” ammunition and fired a shot at most of the country. Perry supports very loose immigration laws and he has drawn quite a bit of criticism for his policy that allows illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Texas colleges. I won’t rehash the arguments against the policy except to say that it’s very easy to make those arguments and remain solidly on rational and defensible ground. O’Malley, however, isn’t interested in rationality. He said America has an “affliction of xenophobia” and that “thinly-veiled racism” was “rampant” in the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, O’Malley’s state faces another enormous budget deficit and unemployment over 7 percent. His Democratic allies are looking at a number of tax hikes they can foist on residents already pinched by the Obama economy instead of thinning the ranks of state employees. Of course, if he cut the size of his government, his union allies wouldn’t get quite the bounty of dues they were expecting thanks to the new law that forces unwilling employees to pay dues. Clearly it’s better for him to bask the Governor of a state many hundreds of miles from his instead of attending to the very real problems of his own state.

Great job, Governor.

And now, links!

  • If you read no other post this weekend, read this one by Jim Lacey on what a real threat to America and the civilized world Saddam Hussein truly was. We can’t let the truth swirl its way down the memory hole where it was shoved by the power-grubbing, malicious leftists who left no lie untold to damage George W. Bush.
  • Three more people are dead in Mexico thanks to the administration’s reckless Operation Fast and Furious. I honestly don’t know how many people have died because some yet-to-be-discovered high government official in the White House decided the Second Amendment needed a black eye but I sure as heck hope we find out soon, so we can get the tar on to boil and the feathers gathered up. In related news, Janet Napolitano, who should have been one of the people clued in to Fast and Furious if it was a legitimate law enforcement operation, said she didn’t know about it until the murder of federal agent Brian Terry.
  • Republicans in Congress have decided that if the NLRB won’t back off, they will back it off. It’s a shame it had to come to legislation.
  • There is a world of tax hurt coming down on small businesses in 2013 thanks to the Democratic Party. Thank goodness I’m not cynical or I might think they planned it that way. (via Instapundit)
  • Stephen Green has your Obama Economy Fail Chart of the Day.
  • I’m just a poor amateur blogger, but I believe I’d pony up a few bucks to a Todd Palin Legal Defense Fund.
  • Folks, we are about to pay for artistically-placed boulders along Nevada highways. Let me say that again, our elected representatives have decided that they must take what we earn with our hard work and creativity, and spend it on big rocks.
  • Do you want to find your passion? Sure you do. Who doesn’t? Here are a couple videos, from Leo Babauta, that will help you.
  • Yes, I know that “Cornhole” has a name that makes lots of people giggle (including me), but it’s not all that different from the Toss Across game I spent hours upon hours playing when I was a kid. I just might need to undertake a project to build a cornhole game set.


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