The Delivery Presents – Thank You for the Past Two

| September 15, 2011 | 4 Replies

If it seems like I belabor the point in Episode Eleventy-One* that The Delivery has been around for two years, blame it on glee. When I recorded my first show with SMP Mike on September 10, 2009 (we recorded on Thursdays back then, moved back a day to Wednesday, then eventually settled on Tuesday nights), I honestly didn’t expect the show to do as well as it has. Oh, I wanted it to, but we were both casting about a bit in the darkness. Neither SMP Mike and I knew quite how to push a show like The Delivery. We knew we’d have to learn quite a lot as we went along.

And learn we have. The show is better now than it was then, and the amazing level of growth it’s shown proves that we’re figuring things out pretty well. I’m proud of The Delivery and I’m flattered that so many of you consider it an essential part of your week. We have more good things in store for our third year, and well into the future, God willing.

I know you’ll enjoy this week’s guests, Wendy Sullivan and Duane Lester. They both have websites (and Duane has a good and inexpensive e-book) that you should visit like they were the magic red button in your crack-rat laboratory maze. There is a commonality to the guests that you probably won’t guess unless you listen to the show, so there’s your tease if their web sites haven’t intrigued you already. Also, Wendy didn’t cuss one time! I am a miracle-worker, you know.

Crud. You know, I just realized this would have been a great time to ask for Tip Jar gifts or a token from my Amazon Wish List. Ah, well. We’ll catch up with a fundraiser next month, perhaps.

The Delivery - Episode 111

*Come on. Surely you’ve read The Lord of the Rings!

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