Clearing the Browser Tabs – The Linkless Post Monday Edition

| September 12, 2011 | 4 Replies

For the first time since I started the Clearing the Browser Tabs posts, I find myself bereft of tidbits to pass along. I admit, once I wrote my two 9/11 posts yesterday, I was pretty much finished with the whole notion of reading the internet for blogging purposes. So…what to do?

Hey, I know! How about I do a post, Larry King-style? You remember those columns he mailed in for years made up of bullet-point thoughts like “Say what you will about Dudley Do-Right, but he sure knew how to pick a Horse”. Okay, I won’t do anything like that, but I’ve had a few thoughts that I haven’t turned into blog posts, so let me pull them out of the place where I keep such things and share a few with you.

Perhaps, if you like posts like this, I might write one once a month. I’ll leave that to you.

And now, links random thoughts!

  • I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t bundled five or six similarly-themed apps into an “App Pack”. I figure they could sell each bundle for 8$-10$ and do quite well. I’d seriously consider a Productivity Pack, a Podcaster Pack, a Blogger Pack, a Conquer the World Game Pack, or a  Zombie Pack.
  • The more I learn about social media, the more I’ve come to realize that 1) the biggest problem for companies (and political candidates/parties) that want to do good social media campaigns is fear of the unknown, and 2) most companies (again, this includes political candidates and parties) look in entirely the wrong places for their social media people.
  • I am so very excited for hockey season to begin.
  • You can’t make everyone happy. No one can. You can, however, make the right people happy. The trick is to find out who those right people are in your life.
  • A few underrated movies: Big Trouble in Little China, We Were Soldiers, Major League.
  • Young people gravitate toward socialism for two reasons: 1) they haven’t seen enough of life to understand how human nature works, and/or 2) they believe they’ll be one of the people redistributing all that wealth. No one grows up wanting to be just another cog in the socialist utopia machine.
  • Autumn is the very best season of all. It has the three best holidays (Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) and the best sports seasons on television (football and hockey). There’s also a certain “pop” to the world when that first bit of fall crispness hits the air. It’s as if all of nature rushes to act before winter’s slumber settles in.


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