The Delivery Presents – Two Shows in Once Post? Is This Madness?

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Somehow, and I’m completely willing to blame this on a week of events that knocked me completely off-balance for many days, I neglected to post the show notes for Episode 109. Unfortunately, I realized that pretty much right before I sat down to record Episode 110. I decided not to do two separate posts, though, and instead write one post for both shows.

Can such a thing be done? Will the podcast not fly off the axis of time and space?

Probably not, but I wouldn’t want to risk it again, so I’ll be more vigilant about getting the show posts up, even when the week turns weird.

I’ve come to realize that I really dislike the elite class in public life who separate us into Fit Leaders and Unwashed Masses based on our educational and employment credentials. America’s founding was a direct result of the abuses of aristocracy and we spent a lot of years rooting it out of our society, at some cost. The media assault we’ve seen lately on Rick Perry, that have focused on his intelligence, is an attempt to bring that aristocracy back, with progressives as the upper crust and the rest of us somewhere farther down the pecking order.

I spent the rest of Episode 109 on social media, which has become an abiding interest of mine. The day I taped the show, I tried a little experiment with links and Twitter and found something I thought was interesting. I won’t give it away, so listen to the show to find out what happened. Well, I will say this. It is quite possible to drive respectable traffic to a blog post without links from bigger bloggers, or even any bloggers at all. I think that will be of interest to other bloggers like me, who barely get attention from the parsimonious linkers among the upper echelon of the blogosphere. I don’t actually know if you can sustain an entire blog without other blog links, since Google relies on them heavily in its page rank algorithm, but the bigger and more pervasive Twitter gets, the more likely it is that Google will consider a link in a tweet as valuable as a link from another web site.

You could probably consider Episode 110 my 9/11 tribute show, though I took an entirely different tack than most others who will do tributes in their podcasts. I admit that I don’t get maudlin or sentimental this time of year. I do get angry at what we haven’t done in our nation since the deadly day when the Islamists brought their war to our innocents, but perhaps not for the reason you might think. I will warn you, I did get a little heated (though entirely SFW) toward the end of the first half, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, you might want to skip the last five minutes of that segment.

I delved into what turned out in the live chatroom to be a rather controversial subject in the second half. As most of you know, I don’t have a college degree and while I bear no grudge toward college and think it is a good thing overall, I’m frustrated by how overrated a college degree has become these days. The last half of the show is my attempt to help people who may be in college (or contemplating advanced degrees) because they feel it’s what they have to do, even if they have no real idea what it is they want to do as a vocation. It bothers me that we’ve encouraged tens of thousands of young people to heap outrageous levels of debt on themselves for a piece of paper whose only real value is as a ticket to unlock a door that ought to have been open anyhow. Whether you ultimately agree with me or not, I think we as a society need to reconsider the weight we give to a college degree.

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