Soon, It Will Be Time for Operation Witness Immunity

| September 5, 2011 | Reply

I have not written about every development of the still-growing Operation Fast and Furious scandal, but I do want to bring one story to your attention. The Los Angeles Times, one of only two MSM outlets that have shown any interest at all in the story, unearthed a few e-mails that show at least three people in the administration were briefed about the operation. Two of the three were members of the President’s national security staff and the third was the President’s Latin America adviser.

It’s not certain how often any of them had contact with the President nor do we know if they discussed Operation Fast and Furious with him or staff members closer to him. You could assume that at least the National Security Adviser, the Attorney General, and someone fairly high up in the State Department had to have gotten briefings as well, but we don’t have proof. Yet.

At this point, Moe Lane’s advice is very useful.

My usual comment about this investigation, at this stage: these things take time to develop.  We’re starting to exit the ‘ask questions’ part and starting to enter the ‘here, let me pull on these loose threads here’ stage; patience is a virtue generally, and doubly so when it comes to a (potential) scandal of this magnitude.  The real fun starts when people increasingly under the magnifying glass start realizing that while, say, the Attorney General can count on having a signed pardon covering his departure, they cannot…

Let’s be patient. We’ve gotten far more of the story than I would have expected given the media boycott. There will be a point at which the weight of the evidence pushes the media coverage from a trickle to a great flood. We can but remind people of what we’ve learned about the deadly political scheme thus far and educate those who have not heard about it.

The rest will come in time.

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