Clearing the Browser Tabs – Don't Play the Partisan Hacks' Game Monday Edition

| August 29, 2011 | 2 Replies

A couple of days I wrote about Bill Keller’s risible New York Times column wherein he proved that he knows as much about religion as a mouse does about quantum entanglement. I opted for a more measured approach, which, in retrospect, I don’t think is the right way to approach such intentional ignorance. I had considered another post — had made a few notes on it, in fact — but then I saw this incredible piece by Kurt Schlichter at Big Government and realized I don’t have to. He said everything I wanted to say, and did it far better than I could have.

Bill Keller doesn’t really care about the religious beliefs of Republican presidential candidates any more than he did about the beliefs of Barack Obama’s mentor for twenty years when the man was damning America for a bushel basket full of invented sins. What he does care about is how much mayhem he can cause among the electorate by asking loaded questions and twisting any answers he gets into the shapes he desires. His questions are not honest, his motives are purely partisan, and we are under no obligation to do anything but call him out for his dishonesty and bigotry.

We will see this again, folks. Don’t play the game the hacks want you to play. It’s rigged and you won’t ever win.

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