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The Cult of Global Warming suffered another fatal blow this week when CERN published the results of an experiment that prove the sun has a far greater effect on climate change than any of the AGW models have ever taken into account. This is a big deal because those models are what Global Warming proponents have used to scare us into surrendering control over large portions of our lives — everything from our choice of vehicle to what kind of lightbulb we are allowed to buy — to poliicians and bureaucrats who have assured us that they know what they’re talking about.

They don’t, and they never have. Hopefully, a few progressive-minded lawmakers who know the value of actual science as opposed to Al Gore-ish voodoo, will take CERN’s findings and use them to push back against the encroaching green state that truly threatens to destroy some of our most essential liberties.

And now, links!

  • Hurricane Irene should have made landfall by now, on its way back into the Atlantic and a brush with the Tidewater, VA/DelMarVa peninsula area. Best updates, as usual, from Brendan Loy, Dr. Jeff Masters, the National Hurricane Center, and (if you’re in the DC Metro area) the Capital Weather Gang.
  • Stephen Kruiser is a national treasure, but don’t tell him I said that. He’ll blush.
  • Remember how the President said, as he crammed Obamacare down our throats, that we could keep our health care plans if we liked them, “period”? He was wrong, and we’re going to suffer for it.
  • Bookworm Room has a great post on intelligence and what seems like intelligence but isn’t (via VodkaPundit).
  • This is perhaps the best advice on how to become a professional writer I’ve ever seen. Nothing makes you a better writer like writing, revising, and writing some more. These days, getting your writing out there where people can see your skill (and also how you’ve improved over the years), is absolutely essential.
  • Related to the last link, here is some equally-good career advice from Rob Long (and the late Phil Hartman).
  • What if Major League Baseball held a game and hardly anyone showed up? Well, it happened, and if the league doens’t realize it has a serious problem, it sure as heck ought to now.
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