The Delivery Presents – Earth Was Shaking, Media Was Faking, and I Was Making It…

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I am quite proud of the fact that I didn’t make a single cheesy earthquake pun during Episode 108. Oh, I could have, believe me. But I didn’t. On the other hand, I did recount what it feels like to have a building constructed during the first Eisenhower administration buck up and down under your feet like you were walking on an overinflated Moon Bounce, so that’s something. I do admit, I butchered the mentions of seismic waves (the side to side waves were S-waves and the up and down were surface waves), for which my Amateur Science Geek card will probably be suspended. On the other hand, on how many non-science podcasts will you get a mention of seismic waves?

Okay, serious stuff. I talked up a book on the show called Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind by Dr. Tim Groseclose (note, if you buy the book through the link, Amazon tosses me a cut of the price). I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say, as I did in the show, that the book might be the most important one you’ll read all year. Dr. Groseclose put some hard numbers to what we conservatives have said about the MSM and their biases for a long time. He packed a lot of information in a relatively short book, but that’s okay. My guess is that you’ll read the book two or three times to get everything from it that you can.

I got a lot more mileage out of my second half subject (social media and educational institutions) than I thought I would. I know that the subject seems boring, but I bet if you brainstormed a few ways you could get your favorite library or museum involved with social media, you’d come up with several better than the ones I concocted on the fly during the show. Like I said, social media is inexpensive. It only takes work and a little imagination. We can provide those, right?

The Delivery - Episode 108

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