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| August 19, 2011 | 1 Reply

I’d like to thank the fine striking layabouts at Verizon for Episode 107. I wrote earlier in the week about my telephone/internet problems last week (which started the Tuesday night I recorded Episode 106), which were measurable worse Tuesday night. I couldn’t keep a stable connection long enough to run Skype and UStream so, with much reluctance, I scrapped the live show about 25 minutes into the night. SMP Mike and I went old-school, just him and me, and even then we were fortunate to stay connected for more than 9 minutes at a time. At that rate, it would have taken us a couple of hours to get a full one-hour show in.

Frustrations abounded and we actually considered abandoning the whole effort. I admit, I was extremely unhappy. Luckily, SMPMike talked me into one more attempt. We decided to shorten the segments to 15 minutes each and made a 30-minute show instead of the hour-long extravaganza you’ve come to know and love. We still ran into several technical problems, but you shouldn’t notice any of them because SMPMike and I are that good!

Even though the show is short, I packed it full of all manner of good commentary. I opened a can up on Ed Schultz and his risible lie about Rick Perry, and used the incident to illustrate why the left uses simple character attacks (“racist”, “stupid”, “oafish”) against Republican Presidential candidates. I’ll give you a hint: progressive ideology is built on a central premise that must stay intact, else the entire program falls apart.

I spent the second half in a small amount of pain over several movies Hollywood plans to foist on us over the next year. I honestly don’t know why we movie lovers tolerate all the drek the major studios shovel at us, but I think the presence of Hong Kong Phooey on a coming attractions list should be our last straw. Then again, moviegoers are fairly passive. We didn’t rebel after Transformers 2, so why should the defilement of a beloved cartoon character from our past rouse us? Maybe it will. Listen in and be sure to tell me what you think!

The Delivery - Episode 107

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