The Delivery Presents – Madmen Across the Water/A Book You'll Love

| August 10, 2011 | 1 Reply

If Episode 106 sounds good, you can give most of the credit to SMPMike. The internet connection at The Delivery Broadcast Central was as bad last night as I can remember and we had to contend with several dropped connections and a few sound quality problems. However, SMPMike made everything work out well and the only casualty was the introductory blurb at the beginning of the show.

The loud and ongoing death of a once-great England hurts my heart and roused me to a little bit of passion this week. We here in the States can take some instruction from the burning, pillaging, and looting we’ve seen on our television sets the past few days. Indeed, we must take instruction, because what’s happening all across England will happen in our cities if we do not exert ourselves now.

In a way, my second-half guest Amelia Hamilton is one of the bright and shining few who will contribute to the revival of our shrinking American spirit, if we are resolved to revive it. Her book One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots is exactly the chlorine we need in the well-polluted cultural pool in which our kids life, whether we wish them to or not. Amelia is very talented and her book is charming and educational, with a message of unabashed love for America that you know resonates very strongly with me. She has my unqualified endorsement (and in the interest of full disclosure, I get nothing for saying so from her but her thanks).

The Delivery - Episode 106

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