Clearing the Browser Tabs - Gird Your Minds Tuesday Edition

| August 9, 2011 | Comments (0)

Kurt Schlichter had a post at Big Government yesterday on how conservatives can, and must, remain on the offense against the daily encroachments on reality and good sense we see from the professional progressives and their MSM pals. It is a must-read. Schlichter is a lawyer and a soldier who has been a guest on The Delivery a couple or three times. He knows a few things about winning, on the battlefield and in the arena of competing ideas.

We conservatives need to sharpen our rhetorical games because, as we’ve seen since Friday, the progressives are out for blood. Even the MSM, which should be neutral in the ideological battle, have taken their own cheap shots, the latest of which Newsweek unleashed against Michele Bachmann (via memeorandum). That one was such an obvious and badly-executed hit job that even the National Organization for Women came to her defense.

The left still believes Barack Obama is a noble character, fighting bravely against the forces of evil. They will not give him up without a fight.

We are go for The Delivery tonight at the usual time, 9:30 PM Eastern. Get in a few minutes early so you can settle in and enjoy some of the pre-show warm up music I’ll play. I haven’t decided what I’ll spin tonight, but I’m leaning toward some golden oldies. I’ve asked new author Amelia Hamilton to join me in the second half to talk about her new children’s book and the entire process of publishing a book for the first time. I think we’ll all enjoy what she has to say. Set your alarms and don’t miss tonight!

And now, links!

  • I’m not even sure this is legal: The Department of Education has asked states to apply for waivers to No Child Left Behind because, according to the President, he’s tired of waiting for Congress to “fix” it.
  • I really like the term “downgrade deniers” for those who were absolutely convinced that raising the debt ceiling $2.4 trillion dollars in a snap would cure our credit rating ills.
  • Get out your calendars and binoculars and mark these choice skywatching dates for the month of August.
  • Pluto make have some more company in the “dwarf planet” category. None of the new potentials have names. I think we should call one of them “Willow”. It’d be a tribute to a pretty talented veteran actor.
  • Here’s one last Happy Birthday wish for President Obama from Ben Howe. We would have gotten him a gift but, well, our credit card was declined. It’s “big, messy”, and “tough” out there for us peons.
  • Mark Steyn sat down for a long interview with Ed Driscoll to talk about his new book. Take a few minutes of your lunch hour and get your Steyn fix.
  • Herman Cain’s people did a very good job with his latest video. It ought to play well in early primary states.
  • I’d love it if my state celebrated Victory Day as well.
  • Political arrests and detentions are up 109% in Cuba for 2011 over the same period of time the year before. The Cuban people demand justice. Thus far, we’ve been deaf to their pleas. Our next President should change that.


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