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Yesterday was Barack Obama’s birthday, and boy howdy did he celebrate. Not only did he add more to our debt at one time than any President has ever spent in the history of the country but he’s also the first President since World War II to drive our debt higher than the total of everything America produces in a year.

Think about that for a second. Barack Obama, in one fell swoop, added $239,000,000,000 to our national debt. Try to imagine just how large that number is. Here, I’ll help. Exxon Mobil, one of the five largest corporations in the world and Public Enemy Number One of the left, reported earnings in the first quarter of this year of $10,700,000,000. President Obama spent over 22 times as much in one day as Exxon Mobil earned in three months.

Meanwhile, the stock market plummeted 500 points, the biggest one-day drop since the last time the stock market got a good, close look at Obamanomics back in the freewheeling and prosperous days of 2010. In Washington, where the President isn’t today, the Mouth of Sauron went in front of the cameras and proclaimed that the President can’t actually create any jobs, which will take much of America by surprise since that his Vice President was adamant that he could create a hundred thousand or so pretty much out of thin air. Jake Tapper wasn’t buying that tripe, nor was he willing to let the President’s conspicuous absence go unquestioned (and good for him!). Where Tapper goes, perhaps the rest of the White House Press Corps will follow.

Chris Muir summed up the nation’s frustrations nigh-perfectly (and there’s still time to get in on his fundraiser, so give generously).

I’ve gotten into gear over at Ending Spending with a couple posts yesterday, including this one on a very good “sunlight” idea for the Joint Committee who will be tasked with finding concrete ways to reduce our deficit.

And now, links!

  • Stacy McCain is on the ground today in Iowa, covering the runup to the Ames Straw Poll. His first dispatch is here and he’ll split reports between his site and the American Spectator. This is real reporting, folks, self-funded and gonzo, so lend him a financial hand, if you can.
  • Regardless of your feelings about the “morning after” pill, we should all be able to agree that it’s wrong to force everyone to pay for the pills for a few. That’s why we have charities, and the free enterprise system.
  • Duane Lester has posted a new episode of his podcast. It’ll make a good soundtrack for your breakfast, I think, so click and enjoy!
  • Hmm…now which nation could be behind a string of 72 different cyber attacks on large organizations and national assets?
  • I said it before and I’ll say it again, the Republicans made a big mistake when they went small with the debt ceiling deal.
  • Here are your week’s top stories about the coming public sector pension meltdown, from the Conservative Commune.
  • Seriously, people. What will it take before we push back hard against the daily encroachments of the Nanny State into breakfast cereal and little kids’ lemonade stands? When will enough be enough?
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