Clearing the Browser Tabs - At Least Joe Biden Didn’t Jump Out of the Cake Thursday Edition

| August 4, 2011 | Comments (0)

So yesterday, the President threw a big nationwide birthday party and practically begged people to throw envelopes of money at him so he could spend another four years golfing his way through history. At least the rest of the country got the soft cell. His “friends” in Chicago couldn’t wish him a Happy 50th unless they forked over about 35 large to get into his campaign rally/birthday bash.

We on Twitter has a good time inventing new games they could play at the party. Michelle Malkin collected a few of the best (I contributed Number 7). I guess I can understand why the President is in a partying mood. He did just fleece the country to the tune of about $2.4 trillion and all we really got by way of explanation was this ridiculous piece of fluff from our Secretary of Not Paying Your Taxes. I guess that was better than the nigh-constant string of abuse and slander we’ve gotten from the Democratic Party and their media lapdogs, though.

And now, links!

  • Finally, the grassroots right has gotten itself in gear to take on the progressives hordes who have flooded Wisconsin to overturn a free and fair election by any means necessary. Hopefully they’ll keep some people on the ground after the bus tour is done to do the hard work it’ll take to hold the line against the left.
  • The Axis of Fedorable has increased by one!
  • Moe Lane took a few moments to explain why there is no such thing as the grassroots left.
  • The story of how the SEIU and Media Matters brutalized an innocent black man is one that should get a lot more media coverage than it will.
  • The Castro brothers have imprisoned 1,922 people for their political activities in Cuba since the beginning of the year. At this rate, we could see 4,000 people taken from their homes and loved ones and locked in the fetid prisons of a pair of truly evil tyrants. One would think that our crusading MSM would spend a little more time talking about the tyranny that exists so close to our shores. But, no. No…we’ll hear about Sarah Palin’s new haircut and how it could presage a brave new world of Tea Party violence.
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