The Delivery Presents – Hasn't Anyone Heard of "Independence Day"?

| August 3, 2011 | 1 Reply

Episode 105, with special guest and fellow Satan sandwich-eating extremist Caleb Howe, continues my little string of shows where I talk about some of the smaller political conventions conservatives can attend around the country. I like small get-togethers because, as I said last week and this, you can meet a bunch of interesting people yet not get lost in an immense throng.

If you listen to any political talk radio, you’ve probably heard a host quote a post from Red State, one of the brightest lights in the right-wing firmament as well as one of the most vibrant community web sites you’ll find in or out of the political arena. Every year, the site hosts the Red State Gathering, which draws about 300 people from around the world. If you’re interested, hit the link and sign up. I’m told it is an awful lot of fun.

In the second half, I’m forced to apologize for going back on my pledge not to get invested in a new television show. I’m taken with TNT’s Fallen Skies and, if the network gives it just a little security, I think it could be one of the better science-fiction shows of the past decade. Yes, I know I’ve likely sounded its death-knell, but if the Network Gods really and truly want to spite me, they’ll find a way whether I praise the show or not. So there. I spit my defiance back at them, podcast-style!

The Delivery - Episode 105

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