The Delivery Presents – What's the Difference Between DC and St. Louis? Smarts!

| July 28, 2011 | 1 Reply

I really hadn’t planned on devoting half of Episode 104 to the debt ceiling debate, but then White House Spokesmouth Jay Carney went and gave a press conference so blatantly offensive that I couldn’t help but talk about it. Thankfully a friend came along and helped me understand what Carney was really trying to say and reminded me there are five A’s in RAAAAACISM! What would I have done without him?

My friend Teri Christoph joined me for the second half and we talked about this weekend’s Smart Girl Summit in St. Louis, MO. If you don’t know about Teri’s group Smart Girl Politics, you really should spend a few minutes to acquaint yourself. It’s the kind of group of which we need a few more around the country — a truly grassroots organization that runs neither on a big budget or with big egos. They just do good, solid political work and pretty much anyone who wants to get involved can find a place.

By the way, for those of you still waiting for the audio goodies from the fundraiser, I have not forgotten you. I apologize profusely for the delay, but we’ve gotten hung up with scheduling and production. Life, alas, has intruded far more than either I or SMPMike wanted. I anticipate they’ll be in my hot little hands soon, though. Thank you so much for being so very patient!

The Delivery - Episode 104

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