Clearing the Browser Tabs – Solipsists and Guitar Riffs Friday Edition

| July 22, 2011 | 2 Replies

As anyone who shows up for The Delivery’s pre-show warmup quickly learns, I love music and I’m a big fan of musicians who can write good songs and good lyrics. Those are more rare than you’d expect. But lyrics can be tricky for me. I appreciate, for instance, that Sting is a skilled lyricist and an excellent songwriter, but many of his tunes leave me cold because they seem shallow. That was the subject of a discussion today between John of VerumSerum and Ace about the difference between Sting’s lyrics in Synchronicity I and Neil Peart’s in Red Barchetta. I think Ace hits an important point that we’d all do well to keep in mind. If we won’t summon enough imagination to get outside our own heads, then we are little better than children and the rest of society ought to treat us as such.

Ed Driscoll ties up both posts nicely with some thoughts about how the lack of imagination isn’t necessarily an artist thing, but a leftist thing. He notes that most country artists, who do not skew left, don’t make a habit of casually insulting their audiences because they’re still capable of remembering (or imagining, if you like) what it was like when they weren’t rich and coddled.

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