Clearing the Browser Tabs – Turkey, Peas, and Lying Weasels Wednesday Edition

| July 20, 2011 | 1 Reply

So now we have a new entrant in the “Who can generate the most convoluted and ineffective economic plan that still raises the debt ceiling” sweepstakes: The Gang of Six. I poured out my derision on the gullible Republican Senators who think the Democrats aren’t lying through their teeth when they promise some non-specific spending cuts later in exchange for a trillion or so dollars in tax increases now. Those of us who aren’t marinated in the sludge of  Washington politics remember 1984 and 1990 pretty clearly. We know how far we can trust the Democrats. But we also remember 1994, when spending cuts and tax cuts led to balanced budgets and a booming economy.

It’s clear we can’t continue on our current course, no matter how much the President and his floppy-necked yes men whinge about turkey and peas.

The show last night was good. I got a bit hot about the debt ceiling debate and uttered a couple words that aren’t strictly safe for work or small kids, but there were only three or so of them and they didn’t escalate into Joe Pesci-level cursing, so it should be okay. I’ll put the show post up later. I’ll also have a special post over at The Delivery’s web site about a new little addition to the show. There should be pictures and everything, so stay tuned!

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