Clearing the Browser Tabs – Afternoon Crashed Browser Edition

| July 19, 2011 | 1 Reply

Never let it be said that I don’t know when to quit. I was on a hard deadline last night for a writing gig that miraculously appeared in front of me on Sunday, so I had to put off today’s Clearing the Browser Tabs post until the morning.

Then my computer turned on me. I’ve had to rescue this post from The Land of Browser Crashes twice now and I can take a hint. So let’s go with just a couple few links and call it a day. I’ll try to put together an extra-linktastic post for tomorrow morning to make up for today’s abject failure.

Remember, Tuesday nighttime is the right time for The Delivery! I’ll be ready to go just a little bit before 9:30 PM EDT with a couple pre-show warmup tunes and we’ll get things rolling shortly thereafter. Come take your place among the Deliverati.

And now, links!


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