"Go Ahead…Make My Day" and Other Bluff-Friendly Quotes The President Memorized Yesterday

| July 14, 2011 | 12 Replies

I’m no professional poker player, but I’m pretty sure that if I saw someone throw a hissy fit that ends in “Don’t call my bluff” at a table, I’d know two things:

  1. He’s bluffing.
  2. He’s about to get his bluff called by everyone at the table.

That’s where we sit right now with the debt ceiling negotiations. The President, thrower of the Great Stompy Temper Tantrum of 2011, has warned the GOP not to call his bluff, or make his day, or cause him to misbehave, or whatever tough-guy trope he picked up from a helpful aide that morning. He has not, however, picked up a debt ceiling plan, perhaps because he’s been too busy watching action hero movies in preparation for more meetings wherein he can utter such classic lines as “Hasta la vista, Boehner”.

Meanwhile Harry Reid, whose Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in well over two years, has taken a break from not passing a budget to call mean old Eric Cantor names.

The Republicans, who I hasten to add have passed a budget or two in the past two years and who have put at least two debt ceiling plans on the table, are busy trying to get at least one of their plans through the talking points, including even a Balanced Budget Amendment. It’d be nice if they could manage a presser more than once every few days, but baby steps, folks. Baby steps. They’ve accomplished miles more than the President or his Democrat allies have accomplished. Once they figure out that the left has been spending its time talking trash rather than doing work and that the trash-talking is actually working, they’ll start to push back.

And then we’ll see a bluff or two called.

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