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I admit, even though I love when people take “old” media and find new ways to present it with new technology, I’m torn on this story.

The iPad 2 commercials that boast about how Apple’s tablet lets you “touch the stars” and “listen to a magazine” are cool and all, but Steve Jobs could probably eliminate his advertising budget and simply funnel his money to Björk. Pitchfork finally got the Icelandic rocker to explain her new project Biophilia, which as been touted as an “iPad album.” But unlike the Gorillaz disc The Fall - which Damon Albarn rushed out as the “first” album recorded on an iPad - Biophilia is music that comes with a suite of applications designed specifically for Apple’s slickest gadget.

This could be cool. I’d spend a little bit extra on an album where I got more than just the music — where I got apps that gave me some studio footage or an interactive biography of the band members or a discussion of how the songs came to be. I imagine people would spend quite a lot on pretty flashing lights and high-concept art that was more than a static album cover.

On the other hand…Björk? She’s the audio equivalent of Yoko Ono with better electronic equipment and a big album label behind her. I wouldn’t spend money on her album if it came with Smell-O-Vision. Especially not if it came with Smell-O-Vision.

Let’s hope that a couple jazz artists or progressive rock groups pick up what the strange lady from Iceland is laying down. I’d love to see an iPad-ified version of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Birth of the Cool, or Moving Pictures.

(via Neatorama)

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