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A few months ago, conservatives all over the country focused their attention on Wisconsin and the Republican Governor and legislatures who were in a nasty knife-fight with the progressives over the budget and the power of public sector unions. National conservative activist groups and influential individuals showed up to support Governor Walker and help him get his budget passed.

It all helped. Conservatives won that battle, but they’re in grave danger of losing the bigger war. The left is still in Wisconsin and they have national groups flooding the state with money and people in an effort to recall a number of legislators who voted for fiscal sanity. Their goal is to flip the state from Republican to Democrat and return control to the public sector unions who were largely responsible for the state’s budget problems in the first place.

Thus far, the conservative groups eager to get in on the rallies and bus tours are absent from this fight. They’re fighting new battles for an election that won’t happen for another 18 months when there’s still a battle to be fought to elections this year that could turn a red state back to blue. We need to get back into Wisconsin and deliver another electoral beating to the progressive left.

Remember, folks, you don’t kill weeds with just one yank. You have to spend a little time digging out the roots. Well, it’s root-digging time in Wisconsin and the groups who showed up big in March need to come back and make sure the job is done right.

And now, links!

  • Of course the President lied during his Twitter Q&A session yesterday. Does anyone really think that the White House was going to live under the same economic conditions it’s helped impose on us? Hey, living in high style in Washington, DC is expensive!
  • Meanwhile, there aren’t a lot of raises happening in Unemploymentville, USA.
  • And speaking of that Twitter Q&A, I think the President should have taken a couple or three of Iowahawk’s questions.
  • The debt limit talks are nothing but political posturing, folks. The truth of the matter is that spending is going up will continue to rise even under the Puppy-Kicking Paul Ryan plan.
  • I wonder what will happen when today’s generation of college graduates realizes that the degree on which they spent a considerable portion of their young adulthood is essentially worthless.
  • Why on Earth would any mayor of any US city turn over internet traffic alerts to someone whose only claim to fame is how they look in front of a camera?
  • Claire Berlinski, who wrote a superlative biography of Margaret Thatcher, is not at all impressed by how Meryl Streep has portrayed the British leader in an upcoming movie. I’m not surprised. Streep is a sub-par actress whose left-wing politics would likely prevent her from treating Thatcher with enough respect to portray her well.
  • Why is it that militant feminism and overweening ego always seem to travel together?
  • Want to see a storm that moved so fast it caught its own tail?


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