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The one thing for certain I can say about Episode 101 is that it proves, without a doubt, that I don’t know how to speak Klingon. Well, there’s also an entire first half devoted to the word “Enough”, which ought to be the cornerstone of every Republican candidate’s campaign right now (but isn’t, for reasons I have yet to divine).

The post that prompted the extended rant is here at my Google+ account. I’d love to hear from one of the campaigns about using at least the outline in a stump speech or three. I imagine that Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, or Herman Cain could use it. If one of them were to couple that with an unabashed love for America and we who call ourselves Americans, they’d win in a walk. I’d love for someone to give it a try and find out if I’m wrong.

I don’t always agree with Seth Godin, but what he says about shipping your projects is dead-on and I’m slowly incorporating it into my life (mostly because I’m stubborn and old, bad habits die hard). Still, it’s a mortal lock that I’ll fail a bunch of times, but it’s also certain that I’ll succeed a few times, too. This podcast is the first big idea I’ve ever shipped, in Godin terms, and it’s doing pretty well so far.
So, it’s time to deliver a few more projects I’ve had on the drawing board for months. I think the Conservative Cubicle Art Project is going to be a success. I’ve gotten enthusiastic response about it thus far and there’s no reason that won’t continue once it rolls out. I’ve a couple more things to get out this month, a couple of which I mention in the second half, so keep your eyes peeled. You’ll want a piece of all of it!

The Delivery - Episode 101

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