Sneak Peek: The Conservative Cubicle Art Project

| July 1, 2011 | 8 Replies

A couple months ago, in a post about the Power Line Prize, Kurt Schlichter wrote:

[T]here is a problem with conservative art, which is the same with all art in general – most of it sucks.  Most art is bad.  Conservative art seems to be bad in its own unique way.  As my Twitter pal @Salty_Hollywood – a Hollywood graphic artist – remarked the other night over drinks, “Can we get some conservative art without flags and eagles?”  I agree – I like flags and eagles as much as the next right-wing knuckledragger, but frankly that well has gone dry.  As the old saying goes, we need some new clichés.

That got me thinking. I like hanging pieces of art — comics, mini posters, and so on — at my desk at work, but it’s hard to find art that works. Either the art is to color-saturated that it comes out of my printer slightly soggy and wrinkled or it’s far too big and doesn’t scale down to an 8 1/2 x 11 or 11 x 17 size very well. If I wanted to buy art for my cubicle, the pickings are even more thin. Most artists make posters, which are just too big to hang in my office and the sites through which they sell them ask far too much money.

What I want are pieces of art I can print at work or at home that are small enough to stick on a corkboard and that will by pretty and colorful but won’t kill my printer.

Which brings me to The Conservative Cubicle Art Project.

I’m working with a very talented artist named Rachael Sinclair to create a small set of cubicle art pieces that you can hang up at work, or in your study at home, or by your computer. Each of them will have a conservative slant but won’t be so bomb-throwingly partisan that your average left-wing co-worker will try to knife you in the break room.

Here’s a low-res sample of one of the posters — the first of the set — modeled on the storied want ad Ernest Shackleton reportedly posted to get people to join his expedition to the South Pole.



We’re shooting to have all four pieces (one of which we know will involve the Space Shuttle and human exploration) ready by mid-July, assuming all goes smoothly and there are no hitches with bandwidth or anything like that. You’ll be welcome to download any or all of them and print them however you like (either with your own printer or a more professional job on good stock paper at the local Kinkos) at no charge. However, we will ask for a suggested donation of $2 per piece or $5 for the set (using the good ol’ PayPal button). Give if you think it’s worth it, and you can, but if you don’t, we won’t talk smack about you.

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