Clearing the Browser Tabs – Don't Ask Don't Leak Wednesday Edition

| June 29, 2011 | Reply

Remember the misleading story the Washington Post published just before last November’s election about soldiers’ attitudes toward the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy? That story ended up getting covered better than did the study itself (which conclusions were not quite what the WaPo said they were) and contributed greatly to Congress’ lifting the policy. Well, according to the Inspector General for the Department of Defense, the President’s Deputy Chief of Staff leaked the slanted version of the study’s results to the WaPo “to support a pro-repeal agenda”.

As it turne out, the study itself was a put-up job that the IG’s report said was “just for show”. Even so, it showed that more soldiers opposed the repeal of DADT than supported it.

We were conned by a rather amateurish show of political theater put on by a dishonest White House and their lapdogs in the meda. Regardless of your feelings toward DADT, I would think you’d be a trifle upset that your President and the WaPo couldn’t make their case without deceit.

The podcast post will be out a little bit later this morning. I’m proud of Episode 100. Steve Green and Ed Driscoll, my guests for the hour, were their usual gracious and ridiculously intelligent selves. We talked gaffes and Pixar and had a blast.

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