The Delivery Presents – The Other Half of the 2012 Plan

| June 15, 2011 | 2 Replies

Episode 98 is unique thus far in The Delivery history. It’s the first time I’ve broken the “no politics” rule for the second half of the show. I know…I know. Shocked gasps all around!

I wanted to dig into the most recent GOP candidates’ debate in a way that most other ┬ápundits haven’t. I don’t think the performance of any one candidate is particularly important at this point in the campaign; however, the performance of the candidates as a group and how those candidates are packaged by the network that hosted the debate is.

It still baffles me that the Republican Party would agree to turn over their entire field of Presidential hopefuls to a group of people as publicly hostile to its mission and ideology as CNN. It baffles me more than nearly all of the candidates would agree to the arrangement. There are alternatives and a discussion of those alternatives, along with the obligatory beatdown off John King’s horrible debate moderation, takes up the first half.

The second half deals with political tactics. Wait…don’t run away! It’s not as boring as you think. I wouldn’t bore you with tedious strategy stuff, would I? Of course I wouldn’t. I want more people to listen, not less! Take a few minutes and read this piece by Ace, which provides my jumping-off point. I don’t think I covered more ground than Ace did, but I did marry the need to define and freeze Barack Obama to last week’s plea for some unabashed love for America and trust in Americans. I’d like that two-pronged simple message to get deep into the bones of a couple or three of the GOP’s candidates, so deeply that it can’t help but come out at every opportunity.

Oh, and some big “ratings” news is on the way. In short, The Delivery’s download numbers are good.

The Delivery - Episode 98

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